Want to get your hands dirty?

One of the greatest features of Beth Shalom Synagogue is that we are a community based congregation where we seek to do as much as possible ourselves. This helps us financially but also encourages members of our community to give their time and their expertise. Many of our members take an active part in numerous aspect of synagogue life – ranging from synagogue services, security and communications to welfare, education and outreach (see full list below).

With every volunteer based model, the more volunteers we have willing to “get their hands dirty”, the easier it is for all those involved to run things smoothly and the greater our ability to offer a wide range of initiatives. If you are wondering how you might be able to contribute to one of our committees either through a particular skill, profession or just enthusiasm please do get in touch with us.

You could join:

  • Council – where many of the big (and a wide variety of smaller) decisions are made
  • The synagogue services committee – which looks after our weekly Shabbat services as well as our monthly Kabbalat Shabbats and special services and events for Jewish Holy Days
  • The finance committee
  • The membership committee
  • The building committee – which manages the building, handles fire safety, security and helps look after our small garden
  • One of our education committees – which include Cheder, Youth Education and Adult Education
  • The conversion team
  • The IT committee
  • The welfare committee
  • The fundraising committee
  • The communications committee
  • The outreach committee – which arranges synagogue visits for schools and other non Jewish organisations who want to learn about our faith as well as joint events with our Muslim and Christian friends
  • The social events committee – which runs the Israeli film club, concerts, plays, talks, quizz nights and many other events
  • The Chevra Kadisha committee
  • The meet and greet team – which welcomes visitors and members whilst making sure we all stay safe
  • The Cambridge Churches Homeless Project team

As we all know, the more the merrier so please join the team… Your synagogue needs you and you won’t find a more rewarding way of being at the heart of our extraordinary community!