About Cambridge

Cambridge is a thriving city in the East of England. Home to the world class international Cambridge University and with a reputation as a hub of scientific and technological innovation, it attracts people from all over the world to live, study and work here. With landmark buildings such as the colleges dating from pre-Tudor times and the picturesque river Cam winding through, Cambridge is full of culture, art, theatre, shops, science and green spaces as well as being close to the famous Fens.

A number of festivals run annually including the Science Festival, Ideas Festival, E-Luminate, Film Festival and the bi-annual Literary Festival. Renowned for its flat landscape, it is one of the cycling capitals of the UK (and world).

Generally considered a wonderful and vibrant place to live, the cost of living is high, although still lower than London, and many people commute daily to London. Fast trains take 50 minutes to Kings Cross. Cambridge is surrounded by very pleasant, picturesque villages on all sides for those who prefer to live somewhere out of town.