Tikkun Leyl Shavuot

Beth Shalom and Alumot joined together for a Shavuot nighttime study session. The evening started with our Head of Education welcoming guests and lighting the candles in the Sanctuary.

Talks ranged from Emanuel Levinas on “Doing before hearing” to “One-time and recurring beauty in the Talmud”, from “A poem” by Meir of Norwich to “Thoughts about the Ruth Megillah”, from “Starting again in the Middle: Balance in a Burned Goat” to “A sticky Seder: Reconciling jewish and Egyptian histories” to name a few.

A special feature of the evening was a mix of Reform Judaism and Israeli culture, which gave us all the opportunity to explore our Judaism in a rich and diverse way drawing on Ashkenazi, Sephardic and historical roots. Bringing together these diverse backgrounds resulted in a very special way to celebrate Shavuot and the marriage of the Jewish people to the Torah.

We also had a highly entertaining interlude on Yiddish with the “Learn funny Yiddish phrases” presentation. Not surprisingly as it was Yiddish, some audience members thought they knew more than the speaker. The success of the evening will definitely encourage us to hold more joint events with our friends at Alumot so look out for any announcements.