Beth Shalom 2022 project to support refugees coming to Cambridge

Beth Shalom Reform Synagogue in Cambridge wishes to do all it can to support refugees coming to Cambridge in 2022.

CATS Global Schools (originally Cambridge Arts, Technology and Science School) is very generously allowing us to use one of their buildings until October. This lovely facility, known as Crossways, has previously been used for student accommodation. Within easy reach of the centre of Cambridge, it has twenty individual rooms, each with en-suite shower and toilet. It has a large common room, good kitchen facilities and a laundry room. The bedrooms are most suitable for single adults or mothers with small children. It also has rooms that can be used for private consultations, counselling and support.

In partnership with other faith organisations and charities in Cambridge, our plan is to run and offer this accommodation for refugees who come to Cambridge and who do not have immediate access to a home of their own or who cannot immediately join a sponsoring family home.

We will engage with each person to help them settle as quickly as possible into life in the UK. We hope to provide links to counselling services, benefits advice, English lessons, youth programmes and other services that may be required.

We will need to employ a house manager to look after the day-to-day running of the house and to provide reliable night time security. The safeguarding of everyone who stays in the house will be our highest priority.

To ensure success we will need many volunteers to welcome our guests, to help them acclimatise to life in Cambridge and to find ways to move on after their time in Crossways. We will have our own volunteer manager to recruit, train and supervise helpers.

We are working with Cambridge City Council and will only continue with this project for as long as they support our concept and plans. Initially, Crossways will be most suitable for small families arriving in Cambridge who have no homes to move into – i.e. not in the Government ‘homes for housing’ project. We know there are already some people in this situation and we hope to be able to offer them accommodation soon after Easter/Passover.

CATS will provide Crossways to Beth Shalom under a licence agreement that is rent free, and they have committed to cover utilities and building running costs. Our responsibilities will be to provide house managers, security and other running costs. Our initial budget indicates that it will cost us £250 per day to run this project, so to run for the full six months, we need to raise at least £50,000 to cover all costs.

All donations received by Beth Shalom for this very special project will be held in a restricted fund to be used “To support refugees coming to East Anglia as a result of war in their own country”.

Your support will be crucial.  All donations urgently needed! Please contact with if you wish to make a donation or make a donation using the “donate” button.

If you are a UK taxpayer please also complete and return the form attached here.