High Holy Day Appeal 2016

Dear friends, The Beth Shalom High Holy Days Appeal is aimed at collecting donations for a local Cambridge charity, a Jewish charity, and our very own Beth Shalom Community. Please give generously. Download form here.

Charity is an essential element of the High Holidays; please give generously! The three charities are listed below with some brief information.

Cambridge City Foodbank is a project funded by local churches and community groups, working together towards stopping hunger in our area. They provide emergency food to people in crisis. Every day people go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to receiving an unexpected bill on low income. A simple box of food makes a bid difference. Cambridge City Foodbank, charity number: 11498832

Leket Israel is the largest food bank in Israel, and has been a leader and an expert in food rescue nationwide since 2003. They source, collect and redistribute fresh, perishable, quality food, which would otherwise be considered waste, from farms, hotels, military bases and catering halls. This is done in an effort to aid the quarter of Israel’s population that lives below the poverty line. Leket work with 195 non-profits throughout the country to provide nutritious food to over 175,000 Israelis weekly. Last year alone, they collected and delivered over 30 million pounds of fresh, healthy food for the needy.  They need our support. Please give. Leket Israel, charity number: 1126755

Finally we at Beth Shalom Reform Synagogue work tirelessly to provide a spiritual home for progressive Jews in Cambridge and the area. We are still short of funds to fully equip our marvellous new building for our needs, and we still owe the bank, and a few others. Our congregation is operated by volunteers, who selflessly contribute their time and energy to keep our services, activities and vibrant wonderful Cheder, running. Please give generously; your donation will allow us to continue working for you and will benefit us all!

Beth Shalom Reform Synagogue, charity number: 1136605