Shabbat V’etchanan, 1st August 2020 – Deuteronomy 3:23 – 7:11, Hanna Hazi

Shabbat shalom everyone! I’m spoiled for choice regarding what to talk about with today’s parsha, it’s an embarrassment of riches. We have everything from the Ten Commandments to the beginning of the Sh’ma to that fascinating aside about King Og of Bashan’s giant bed – how tall was he, exactly? But what I’d like to focus on today is the … Read More

Shabbat 25 July 2020, Deuteronomy chapter 1 verses 21 to 33 – Mike Frankl

Imagine the scene – on the eastern side of the Dead Sea in an area now in the central western parts of Jordan, where the sun-drenched desert landscape of sandstone bluffs and valleys is extremely hot and dry, and there camped on the Plains of Moab, are hundreds of thousands of Israelites, thousands of tents and a vast number of … Read More

Hukkot, 27 June 2020 – Tali Artman

On this last shabbat of pride month I want to talk about people who rarely get a mention in our communities, the people who regardless of their sexual orientation are simply alone. In this parasha we read of the death of Miriam and Aaron. In between these two deaths, Moses and Aaron fall out with God over striking a rock … Read More

 Shabbat 20 June 2020 – Simon Eder

This has no doubt been said but no longer does wanting an extra lie in on a Shabbat morning now preclude us from coming to shul and neither is geography an obstacle and of the infinite opportunities now to attend shul all over the planet what a privilege it is to join you all at Beth Shalom. An old Christian … Read More

Joshua, Israel’s Great Military Commander, 13 June 2020 – Leslie Wheeler

In this digital age the crowing glory of any historical event is when software engineers make the event into a gaming video. Use any internet search engine and you’ll find numerous games representing the “Battle of Jericho”. Although the theme of the event remains, the software engineer will add dramatic effects in order to engage and excite their audience. Like … Read More

Naso – Numbers 6:1 to 12, Judges 13:2-25, 30 May 2020, Mike Frankl

This week’s Sedra, Naso, is the second section of the book of Numbers, and is about setting the scene for living in the desert.  Remember that in parashat Bemidbar last week, it was stated that the Israelite population included over 600,000 men, which might indicate possibly more than two million people in total. However, that count did not include the … Read More

Parashah Acharei Mot – K’edoshim, 3rd May 2020, Leslie Wheeler

Our Torah reading today from Leviticus 19:23-37 consists of 14 verses packed full of God’s commandments instructing us what we must do and what we must not do. The first verse, however, differs in that it commands us when we must do something and the timing by which we must do it: “When you enter the land and plant any … Read More

Religious Responses to Plague, 28th March 2020, Rabbi Marc Saperstein

A confession about the content of my message. The verses selected by the Reform Movement from the opening chapters of Leviticus strike me as totally inappropriate for a sermon to be delivered under our current situation, and I have therefore decided to ignore them. Instead, I draw from my academic background as a historian who studies and teaches medieval and … Read More