What to do in the case of a bereavement.

Beth Shalom is a member of the Jewish Joint Burial Society (JJBS) which organizes funerals  on our behalf.

When a death occurs the family should contact the synagogue admin team:

In office hours telephone: 07972 134026 (Monday to Friday, 9.30 am to 5 pm)

Outside office hours you may contact JJBS on 0208 989 5252 to report the death.

The admin team will inform a member of the synagogue’s funeral committee who will contact the family and continue liaison with JJBS.

In most circumstances Beth Shalom will be able to provide a service leader to lead the funeral service and Shiva prayers, but this cannot be absolutely guaranteed.

JJBS Membership

All members of Beth Shalom contribute to the Joint Jewish Burial Society (JJBS). The JJBS is the burial society for Movement for Reform Judaism member synagogues, and transfer between member synagogues of JJBS is permitted.

JJBS membership covers the cost of the plot, undertaking, Tahara (the ritual washing), and funeral costs at the Western Cemetery in Cheshunt. It also allows for burial in Cambridge in our own section of the Huntingdon Road Cemetery or at the Woodland Cemetery in Cheshunt, which offers a ‘green’ burial, but  there may be some additional charges for these options. The JJBS will also cover certain costs for cremation, either in London or in Cambridge. For more detailed information do not hesitate to contact the Chair of the Funeral Committee – details in the weekly e-newsletter.

Non-Jewish partners and non-Jewish children of Beth Shalom members are eligible to be buried in the Woodland Cemetery in Cheshunt, or adjacent to our section of the Huntingdon Road Cemetery in Cambridge. Non-Jewish partners who become associate members of Beth Shalom are also entitled to become members of the JJBS scheme. This does not affect their choice of funeral, but will cover the same costs as for Jewish members.
Funeral Wishes

Members who wish to register funeral wishes for themselves or for a family member for whom they have funeral responsibility can complete a Funeral Information Form. Download the form here.

This form is ONLY for Beth Shalom members and non-Jewish partners or children. The form can be filled out and returned electronically (preferably) via our contact form (upload the file as an attachment to your message) or send by post.

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